Geneva is the worldwide car convention/motor show that any car enthusiast knows about. Besides showing off some of the best super cars on the road today, the major competitors generally release their new car here as well. Names like Ferrari, Koenigsegg and McLaren released new machines this year.   As for Koenigsegg, they released the … More Geneva

Total Revamp

Check this out. Basketball season is kind of over so I’m not writing about basketball anymore. This is going to be an awesome new blog with cool new things maybe like  a tutorial on how to make a nutella cake in a cup or maybe a blog post featuring my magazine cutout collages. Who knows … More Total Revamp

9 games in

7-2 with only losses to Wyoming and Indian Hill. At this point last year we would most likely be 3-4, maybe. I’m confident in what we have and yet I don’t even think we’ve reached the top. And on top of that it’s only half way through the season. Of course we still have plenty … More 9 games in

Solid Start

New Richmond Saturday night was the season opener and it started out very slow. It was mostly tied through the half and I honestly wasn’t sure how the game was going to end up. Knowing Mariemont in the past, we don’t close out games very strong. However, against New Richmond, we came out at the … More Solid Start


Projected to win D2 state. Projected at least. We scrimmaged Woodward Thursday and our coach had hyped it up the entire week prior to the scrimmage and countless days beforehand. Woodward was projected to win D2 state by the way, not us, that’s why it was hyped up so much. There was not a day … More Woodward

It’s kinda awkward

So my basketball coach is very enthusiastic about getting competitive open gyms during the pre-preseason. Which I guess is ok. Although open gyms are generally a time where you can walk back on defense  and never rebound, our coach wants it to be full fledged 100% all the time. In previous weeks he put the … More It’s kinda awkward

the way to my heart.

I hate cliche’s but I use them all the time. It’s not like a hate hate where I just regret using them the second I do it, but I’d prefer to break the habit. Basketball and love put together is cliche. Really sports and love together is cliche, but with High School Musical and everything I think … More the way to my heart.